What to Expect

...to be a light to Africa

We love Sundays! We love coming together to praise God and discover the treasures in the Bible.
Everyone starts in the main building where we sing and pray, announce the country we are praying for that week, hear announcements, and greet each other. Then the children and youth go to their ministries. The service lasts until 10:30am.

Sunday nights is a more informal and interactive time. We start with a cup of coffee and meet in the chapel.

How we Interact
Visitors are given a welcome pack and asked to hand in the contact page in the red postbox in the foyer. Introduce yourself to the welcoming team at the door and tell them you’re a visitor. Then join us for a cup of tea or coffee in the hall. We look forward to meeting you.

How we Worship
Communion is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of each month. We do this in our families and all the children join us for this special time.

Worship teams lead our singing with a mixture of hymns and modern worship songs. We use a digital board for the words, but have large print files for those who need them.

On the 3rd Sunday of each month we welcome a visiting missionary. They chat to the children and teens, and then are interviewed after the sermon.