Empowered to Influence

Starting 5 February 2020 (A.M)


The Empowered to Influence Course is for those in the workplace. In the four sessions, you will be exposed to videos of Singaporean businessman Ken Chua. Ken teaches on seven paradigm shifts that need to happen for every Christian to become an effective salt and light for God, in their places of influence.


The purpose of ETI is to help believers live effectively as salt and light that influences everything around them for God`s glory. It also helps believers to see how to live out their call for God`s Kingdom and to develop a worshipful lifestyle that brings us into a much deeper and joyful relationship with God.

Format and Content

Session One

  • Introduction:  The Mandate to Influence the World
  • Paradigm #1:  A Correct Understanding of Worship

Session Two

  • Paradigm #2:  Labour…. Premier Worship
  • Paradigm #3:  Worship that Adds Value to Communities

Session Three

  • Paradigm #4:  Works in the Church and Works of the Church
  • Paradigm #5:  Growing the Church into a Movement

Session Four

  • Paradigm #6:  An Understanding of the Source of Influence
  • Paradigm #7:  The Need to Plant Salt and Light in Communities Without Witnesses